Last week, David Walsh visited the Sports and Global Societies to present an engaging tour through the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong.

As the journalist who broke the news of Armstrong’s doping scandal, he spoke about the struggles faced by The Sunday Times, which lost £1,000,000 in a libel case, and by himself personally in the process of revealing the hidden life of cycling’s superstar. The story, as told in his award winning book ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and its film interpretation ‘The Program’, is truly intriguing and relevant, shining a light on current doping allegations against countries, athletes, trainers and programmes.

Upon questioning by boys and members of the audience, he revealed the need for caution and balance between cynicism and scepticism, noting “it is wrong to put innocent people in the same bracket as guilty ones.”

Mr Walsh ended on a message of hope, explaining that “wherever you go in the world there are always good people”. We thank him very much for his insight and good humour.