The Eton College Design Challenge 2012

Wednesday, 7th November 2012

Earlier this month, the school hosted the eighth annual Eton College Design Challenge for over 100 boys and girls from schools in the East Berkshire and Hounslow Area, together with 25 Eton boys. The pupils were mixed up and divided into 25 small teams to face the challenge, which this year was a task inspired by the Paralympics-the teams had to design a basketball net which returns the ball to the player so that they can practise their free throw shots on their own. Participants were armed with squash balls, plastic cups, rubber bands, cardboard, straws and sellotape to see what they could do. The winning team included pupils from Burnham Grammar, Gunnersbury School, Herschel Grammar and Eton College.

The Challenge is a collaboration between Spark (Hounslow’s Education Business Partnership), East Berkshire Education and Business Partnership, Eton College and the Army. The Business Partnerships aim to encourage and promote the achievements of young people, improve their employability, develop their ability to play a positive role in society and to contribute to the social and economic well-being of the community.

Gary MacMillan