On Friday evening, the Originals Society were proud to host Eddie Jones, current Head Coach of England Rugby, as their inaugural meeting titled: “Driving Success”.

Mr Jones opened the evening by talking about the 9 rules of preparation; without adequate preparation, your competition is doomed for disaster. He paralleled this with the recent Scotland match, and admitted the lack of preparation the squad had going into the match, in a edition to the preparation for the situation at half time.

An important note to take from his talk was the significance of the dynamic of any team, and he recalled his time as Head Coach of the Japanese Rugby team. The makeup of the team was around 6 New Zealanders and 20 Japanese men, with culture differences including that of punctuality. At the beginning the Japanese would come to a 6pm meeting at 5:45, and the New Zealanders would arrive at 5:59, and so a natural divide became apparent. Determined to reverse this, Mr Jones put the New Zealanders’ timetable 15 minutes earlier, so that the team would arrive at the same time, and a natural mingling of the team began to occur.

After a provocative and testing Q and A, Mr Jones concluded his talk, and so we would like to sincerely thank him for taking time of his immensely busy schedule to speak to the boys.

Nathan Swidler