Eton and LAE students met once again as a part of the Oxford Character Programme in order to explore the qualities of successful leadership and learn from Rushanara Ali MP. The group was introduced to Mrs. Ali and her team and enjoyed hearing a passionate message, encouraging us to engage with the people around us and make the most of networks, regardless of our backgrounds. Her team offered us some valuable insights into their jobs and discussed the numerous practical elements of aiding an MP, her traits and opinions on various elements of policy.

We were fortunate enough to sit in on a debate at the House of Commons during which Mrs. Ali spoke about funding for the national education system and heard various arguments presented by other MPs in response, giving us a true insight into the proceedings of Parliament and, more broadly, the role of the U.K. political system in changing the lives of young people such as ourselves. Eton and LAE students were able to share their thoughts throughout the experience and were kindly guided by Dr. Konstantinou and Dr. Brooks.

Danny Mykhaylyuk