Etonomics is a staple publication in Eton life.  As one of the school’s premiere magazines, Etonomics provides a platform for pupils to write academic articles on any and all modern economic topics that they are passionate about.  Articles range from “The Economics of the NFL” to “Can We Survive Without Fossil Fuels?”  For its fourth anniversary, the team of editors decided to embark on a new project, breaking away from its traditional written format to produce bitesize podcasts.

Each podcast lasts five to ten minutes, with a follow up article published by the magazine, and is read by an Etonomics editor.  The hope is that by employing different genres of content delivery the team can make the economic world more accessible than ever. In fact, the team describes the next step for the podcasts as ‘phase two’, in which editors and guests will explore economic topics in a free-flowing discussion of contentious fiscal issues, and maybe even invite external speakers to be interviewed on their experiences and theories.

As Editor-in-Chief Chenyang Li explains, economics ‘affects all our lives profoundly’, so a simple understanding of economics in the modern world is worth aiming for.  

In the spirit of engaging fully with the modern world, the magazine exists entirely virtually via their website  Podcasts can additionally be accessed on Spotify at for casual listening.

New episodes, articles and news updates are released regularly so be sure to subscribe. We wish the publication well on their mission to make understanding even the most complex and esoteric economic nuances engaging!