Six talented Etonians showcased their athletic prowess at the prestigious English Schools Championship held over the summer, and they didn’t just participate—they brought home two gold medals, solidifying their status as rising stars in the world of schoolboy athletics.

The English Schools Championship, a culmination of the athletics season, unfolded over two action-packed days from 30 June to 1 July.  This event attracts representatives from every county, offering a platform for the best young athletes to compete at the highest standard.

One of the standout performances of the championship came from Otis I, who dominated the Senior 200m event. He blazed across the finish line in an impressive 21.83 seconds, leaving his competition in the dust, a full 0.16 seconds behind. To make the victory even sweeter, he received his gold medal from none other than Dwain Chambers, the fifth-fastest British 100m sprinter of all time.

Another athlete who left a blazing trail was Tobenna O. He clocked a remarkable time of 35.44 seconds, earning him the top spot on the podium. It’s worth noting that just a year prior, his personal best stood at 36.57 seconds, achieved at the 2022 English Schools Championships in Manchester. Tobenna’s incredible improvement showcases his dedication and determination to excel on the track.

Mr Gundle highlighted the significance of their achievements within the broader context of the competition:

“It’s important to realise the context here: these boys are competing against every schoolboy in the country, not just against the elite private schools who are able to put out competitive sides like in team sports.”

This statement underscores the magnitude of their accomplishments and the level of competition they faced.

These outstanding athletes from Eton College include James T, Otis I, James B, Chummy A-U, Tobenna O, and Seb W. Their remarkable achievements serve as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and talent.

Eton College’s athletics program has a bright future. With such promising talents in their ranks, we expect to see continued success and more medals making their way back to the School in the seasons to come.