Friends of Eton College Collections Event

On 8 February, 32 Friends joined an online event to hear two experts, Dr Monika Hinkel (SOAS) and Dr Thomas McAuley (University of Sheffield) introduce Japanese poetic and artistic traditions linked to the Nijūichidaishū, Japan’s imperial waka poetry anthology dating from the 10th to 15th centuries, which form the subject of our current exhibition in the Verey Gallery. Guests learned that waka was the most prodigious and influential literary form throughout the premodern period, that waka embodied the state’s cultural power and that the tradition is still evident in Japanese culture today. It is perhaps not surprising that a manuscript copy of this anthology was chosen as a gift to send to Eton by the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito after visiting the College in 1921. The authoritative and beautifully illustrated talks are available as a recording for those who were unable to attend the webinar live.   

The exhibition Nijūichidaishū: Japan’s Imperial Waka Poetry Anthology is currently open to the public for free on Sunday afternoons and by appointment, Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. The exhibition closes on 16 April 2023.

Michael Meredith is Painted

In celebration of the new portrait of former College Librarian, House Master and English Master Michael Meredith, a discussion on the portrait was filmed in College Library. Artist Roger Wagner, Michael himself and Anthony Mould, who represents the artist, gathered to discuss the composition, the experience of sitting and how the work was painted. Roger Wagner is Michael’s former tutee and the portrait now hangs in College Library.

Filming the First Folio

College Library recently hosted a film crew working on a documentary about Shakespeare’s First Folio in connection with this year’s celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the book’s publication. The documentary is expected to be broadcast on television later this year.

Best Museum Little Ankle Biters Finalist

We are thrilled that Eton’s Natural History Museum has been nominated as a finalist in the Best Museum category of the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2023. Voting is open here until 10 March.

If you would like to visit the Natural History Museums, is open to the public on Sunday afternoons, 2:30pm – 5:00pm along with the Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of Eton Life and the Verey Gallery