On the 17th January 2018 Henry Faber OE and Walter Kerr OE returned to give a talk to the Entrepreneurship Society about their business Oppidan Education. They began by talking about how they found flaws in those tutoring businesses already established and felt mentors should be used in place of tutors. The honesty with which they then recounted their journey to us allowed not only an invaluable insight into exactly how to set up a business with a bare knuckle approach, but also a laugh at some of their more embarrassing moments. They emphasised their opportunistic approach to business and how, despite some dark alleys, this could lead to long-term benefits especially from the early years. Towards the end they mentioned the thrill of going to work on a Monday morning when you are an entrepreneur returning to your company which was inspiring. Overall it was a fantastic talk demonstrating how two people went from being Eton students to successful entrepreneurs, delivered in a refreshingly relatable manner. 40 people attended and it’s safe to say that many will have gone away from the Jafar Hall with a greater understanding of and desire to be entrepreneurs.

Morrison Cleaver