In a mixed season, the highlight for the Senior team was beating TASIS for the second time in three years with Kenneth Pantaleev and Paul Lagrange contributing a remarkable combined 48 points towards the winning total. The victory was made all the more remarkable coming as it did on their home court. The Juniors produced a similar feat against ACS Hillingdon, a previously highly rated American school, who ran into the ‘buzz-saw’ of the Penguins' basketball. On this occasion it was Magnus Andrews who ‘poured’ in 25 points towards the total. Elsewhere in the season a resilient Penguins squad bounced back from a devastating defeat from a ‘deep’ Harrow team to beat Winchester and Tonbridge by an emphatic combined margin of 50 points. Unlike past years this season has been a collaborative effort. Pantaleev, who has only not contributed a double digit number of points once this season, and Lagrange have led enthusiastically and been our top scorers but they have been ably supported by Cameron Thurlow who has ‘dished’ the ball around the court with great vision and ability. Win Itti has also been a staple of the Penguins' offence and Quinn Ebben’s ‘American Moxie’ has been much utilised – especially on the defensive side. Also worthy of mention have been the so- called ‘big men of the court’ – Ayanbadejo, Aksanenko and Corrie, all who have been dominant in ‘the paint’. Off court the team has always appreciated the sterling support of Rory Measelle. The Penguins have the OE match still to look forward to and a must win match against the in-form Bradfield.

Hector Tyser