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Mr Mitchell spoke with incredible poise and charisma, addressing three topics in his talk. Firstly, he outlined how the Conservative Party can win the next election. This will entail, he said, restoring the economy to full health, connecting with ethnic minorities and redoubling efforts to help young people coming out of university who are not 'earning or learning.' Secondly, he implored the Government to continue its International Development policies (Mr Mitchell is of course a former Secretary of State for this department). He argued that Britain will later benefit from establishing close ties with developing nations when the latter eventually become fully fledged economic powers. Thirdly, he warned us to treat any state policy that restricts our liberties with great caution, cautioning against those who seek to take away our hard-earned rights under false pretences. Mr Mitchell also openly addressed the ‘plebgate’ scandal, reiterating his innocence and setting out a robust reform plan to deal with the perceived corruption inside the Metropolitan Police Force. We thank Mr Mitchell greatly for a brilliant Political Society meeting.

Anthony Beaumont JDN