Eton’s retiring Head Master, Tony Little, has drawn on nearly 40 years of teaching experience for his new book, An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education, which has just been published.

He was prompted to write the book by parents, who asked him to write down some of the ideas and suggestions he had made within talks and private conversations.

“Parents invest a great deal of time and effort into their children’s education, whether their children attend a private or state school,” he said. “For most people, the only experience they’ve had of education is their own. So when their children start school it can be like navigating a world which is familiar in many ways, but also very different. The aim of the book is to reach those parents, to help them navigate their way through.”

Within the chapters Tony considers some fundamental questions including what makes a good school, what is the role of a head teacher and his insight into teenagers and the way young people learn.

An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education is published by Bloomsbury Publishing.