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The VIII at Duisburg Regatta

The VIII raised expectations in Germany this weekend setting the tone for National Schools Regatta which is in two weeks.

Accompanied by ABH and Mr Lawson they flew to Düsseldorf and then on to Duisburg, host city of an international regatta where European senior crews come to test their combinations prior to the start of the World Cup.. In the A final the crew found themselves lined up against national U23 teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and France. Rowing through a selected German crew, beating the full French U23 eight, and finishing 7 seconds behind the Polish defending world champions were particular highlights. Thankfully a window in the ash cloud meant that the party flew into Heathrow last night and are in schools again this morning.

The photograph below shows The VIII after the start, second from bottom racing from the top down, Germany 2, Poland, Germany 1, The Netherlands and France in the A final of U23 8s on Sunday.

Of particular mention is that Constantine Louloudis also stroked the top GB U23 coxless four to a win on Saturday, and Max Monfared won the B final in GB2. Two other OEs were at the regatta: Henry Goodier (RPDF, ’08) competed for Imperial College and Ben Bathurst (CMJ ’08) joined Monfared in the GB 2 coxless four.