Chris Barton, co-founder of Shazam, delivered a talk about his career and lessons from being an entrepreneur to the Entrepreneurship Society on Thursday 27th September.

It was fascinating to learn how Shazam was released in 2002, six years before the App Store existed and when a Nokia was the most popular phone. He emphasised how your co-founders are more than just co-workers in the startup world but ‘co-experiencers’ with whom you have to be able to endure the highs and lows with. Mr Barton then detailed his plans for the future as he is looking to develop an affordable solution to help save lives, reducing the number of people drowning in swimming pools.

Boys posed some excellent questions in the Q&A section at the end revealing why Shazam was the company he chose to start over other ideas, and why working on extraordinary ideas considered fictional is vital. The talk was held in the Jafar Hall and was attended by 120 students.