All ten members of the group, including masters, played in every one of three matches against Catalonian clubs (with boys playing several extra matches after their initial one), with opponents ranging from over 35/under 19 national champions to eleven-year-old up-and-coming players. Each tie ended in a 5-5 draw and most individual matches were highly competitive.The group shook off more of their holiday rustiness with each game, benefitted from playing a range of opponents and forged strong contacts for possible future tours.

The 20 degree weather provided a perfect setting for exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona, where the group appreciated Gaudi's Park Guëll and Sagrada Familia, a variety of local culinary delights, Europe's largest theme park and watching Messi live in the Barcelona – Espagnol derby (4-0) just days before he was named player of the year for a fourth successive year (and a few days after going on a tour around the Nou Camp).

The group was exhausted upon returning to the UK and delighted to have been able to fit in so much in the space of 5 days.