As a supplement to their unit on Splendid Skies, Year 1 students at Eton Porny School were presented with a Geography workshop led by 6 Eton boys. The boys introduced the students to equipment that measures aspects of the weather, such as rain gauges, weather meters, and max/min thermometers. After planning the lesson with Mr David Anderson, Head of Geography at Eton, the boys taught the 5 and 6 year olds how to use each piece of equipment and record the temperature, wind speed, and amount of rainfall. It was difficult to say who had more fun running around in the garden measuring the weather – the young students or the Eton boys! The students have kept the equipment and will continue to measure and record the weather for the next week, with the boys returning to Eton Porny to review their results. The Year 1 students were extremely excited to use the equipment and really enjoyed the opportunity to experience a hands-on teaching approach with the boys of Eton College.

Misha Mehta