On Thursday 19 January, the annual judging of the Social Impact Challenge was held in Marten Library. The Social Impact Challenge is open to Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 boys, and this year there were four teams representing their respective charities. Each team was vying for representation at the 2023 Eton Action Fair with the winning charity set to receive a fifth of the proceeds.  

There was a panel of four judges, consisting of Mrs Porcel Martin, Mrs Henderson and two of the boy Keepers of Eton Action, Leiden B and Elliott G. The range of charities varied from larger, well-known ones such as MacMillan Cancer Support and Dogs Trust, to smaller, local charities such as Windsor Foodshare and Rosie’s Rainbow Foundation. Presenters ranged from one-man bands to groups of up to four boys who collaborated and co-ordinated their efforts. Each group had five minutes to present and advocate for their charity and then field questions.  

Every charity was thoroughly deserving of the funds. Each team had shown clear compassion and dedication to their respective charities. Fundraisers included Gameathons by Blake B for MacMillan Cancer Support, which helped to raise around £2000, to the food box in Budgens on Eton High Street, set up by Noah H, Richard T, Beau B and Camran R, which has been overflowing in recent weeks and has provided Windsor Foodshare with invaluable donations for distribution to those in need. Guy D B, Keshav H, Neel B and Warren W raised over £500 by cycling over 150km for Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, a local mental health charity in Windsor, while Merritt F founded ‘The Thames Walk for Dogs Trust’ and raised over £5000.  

Every team’s imagination and perseverance was unique and admirable but after much deliberation, for what was a difficult decision, the team representing Windsor Foodshare were announced as the winners. Their engagement and impact on Windsor Foodshare as well as their creative fundraising ideas, to be showcased at the 2023 Eton Action Fair, persuaded the judges that they went above and beyond in their efforts. Congratulations should also be given to Blake B who achieved second place, thereby securing a one-off donation for MacMillan Cancer Support.  

The winners were chosen for their outstanding work supporting Windsor Foodshare. By winning this competition, they have guaranteed Windsor Foodshare a spot as one of our school-wide supported charities next year.

Ms. Mehta – Social Action Mentor

Thank you to Ms. Mehta for organising the event, and to the judges who took time out of their evenings to listen to all of the presentations.