The Press Office is a new addition to Eton. It was established three years ago to improve communication within our school community and about our school community by giving students a chance to develop their journalistic skills. The Press Office now publishes articles on the new Eton website. As well as covering weekly societies and annual school events, it publishes in-depth editorials which give a flavour of daily life at Eton. These have developed into our two regular series, ‘Spotlight’ which focuses on unique sports and boarding school life, and ‘Profile’ which highlights the work and contributions of the figures who make Eton.  

Press Officers have taken part in masterclasses with journalists and authors to help them develop their writing voice, and meet regularly to discuss the shape of the Eton week and which events would make interesting articles.

All of the Press Office’s publications, which are written almost exclusively by a team of students under the guidance of JMR (Master-in-Charge of the Press Office) can be found in the ‘News and Diary’ section of the website.

We hope our articles provide a cross-section of the wonderful work done by the school, its staff, its students and the wider community.

Press Office Editor Thomas Hilditch interviewed our newest recruit, Cosmo Fasanya, to learn more about the opportunities the Press Office offers for students looking to represent the school.

What has your experience of the Press Office been?

The Press Office has encouraged me attend new societies, particularly those which I may not have attended previously. It has allowed me to practice journalistic writing and has opened my eyes to a range of new interests. Obviously, it has been a little different to usual as everything has been conducted virtually, but this has not precluded me from conducting interviews or attending concerts via Zoom. I have really enjoyed my first few weeks as a Press Officer.

Why is the Press Office at Eton?

Firstly, it allows parents the chance to see what is happening. I think parents do really appreciate the chance to learn more about the day-to-day life of Etonians, and to read about some of the prominent and interesting figures who address societies. It also highlights areas of the school which traditionally receive less attention. For example, the Spotlight and Profile series have covered a diverse range of minor sports, such as fencing and martial arts, and figures within the school who work incredibly hard. We have interviewed security guards, catering staff, Dames in boarding houses and curators in Collections. For those in the Press Office itself, it grants them an opportunity to pursue journalism from a young age and allows them a significant amount of agency over the topics about which they wish to write. For example, Press Officers are encouraged to submit ideas for editorials and profiles.

What have you learnt about journalism through your work with the Press Office?

In my short time at the Press Office, I have learnt the importance of direct quotations to augment any piece and keep my reader engaged, as well as ensuring that key information (the who, what, why, where and when) is included and indeed promoted. Ultimately, I have found these skills very useful, and look forward to further improving my journalistic writing over the coming months.