ECUSS, the Eton College Universities’ Summer School had another good year with 140 students selected from 380 applicants. These are students from state schools at the end of their first year of sixth-form study who are considering entry to top universities both in the UK and abroad. One of the largest representations was from the London borough of Hounslow with whom ECUSS has strong links – this year they sent us 18 students.

Mathematics and science courses remain popular, but there is continued interest in other subjects, including those which are read at university but not studied at school – a new feature this year was a seminar on Law given by our Legal Advisor, Serena Hedley-Dent.

Apart from academic study the students make full use of Eton’s other facilities, and a feature of this year’s course was “Speeches,” very much like the Eton version, and organised with unfailing energy by undergraduate assistant and ECUSS alumnus Josh McTaggart. Thanks must go too to all the academics who gave up time to address individual subject groups or to appear on the “Don’s Panel”.

Many will have read of the success of Zoah Hedges-Stocks, a young woman from a traveller background who recently obtained a first-class history degree from Cambridge. What has been less widely reported is that she too is a former ECUSS student.