Last month, boys from The Timbralls (WING) transported an audience from a gloomy November evening in the Farrer Theatre to the trenches of WW1 and the wilds of Scotland, where their action centred on Craiglockhart Hospital and the relationships developed within its walls.

Based on the Regeneration series by Pat Barker and directly by Mr Broad, the play depicts the relationship between Dr William Rivers and his patients. These patients included the poet Siegfried Sassoon, who is idolised by fellow poet Wilfred Owen, and Officer Billy Prior. Dr Rivers faces the conflict between his urge to respond to conditions suffered by many who participated in the Great War, including shell shock, and the fear that successful treatment will only enable them to return to the front.

The House ensemble were impressive in their ability to capture the fear and anticipation that stalked the wings of Craiglockhart Hospital, but Kit Bashaarat and Jake Reid in particular excelled in their roles as Rivers and Prior. Bashaarat captured the profound sympathy Rivers has for his patients just as Reid ably conveyed the emotional turmoil Prior suffered.

An impactful soundscape of warfare filled the Farrer Theatre, accompanied by powerful strobe lighting to remind the audience of the devastating psychological effects of war.

Congratulations to Mr Broad, the boys of WING and the Farrer Theatre team for a truly moving production.