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Bursary Support for Boys without Scholarships

Eton has substantial financial provision designed to widen access to the school by enabling boys to come to the school who could not otherwise do so, and to allow boys to remain in the event of a change in family circumstances. For boys without scholarships the normal maximum level of assistance is half the school fee, but growing funds are now enabling us to make a number of bursary awards beyond that level and indeed to subsidise the fee entirely in cases of need. No parents with a talented boy should feel that Eton is necessarily beyond their means.

Some of the funds involved are for Old Etonian families, but most are open to general application. Awards are subject to a detailed means test. The best time to submit a financial assessment form is immediately after a boy has been awarded a conditional place, but the Fees and Bursaries Accountant can give provisional feedback on an earlier enquiry.

The Tutor for Admissions is happy to advise further in this area.