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Governing Body

The Governing Body of Eton College is known as ‘the Provost and Fellows’. It consists of a Provost (appointed by the Crown), a Vice-Provost, and ten other Fellows.

Statute VI of the College provides that the Fellows shall be as follows:

  • The Provost of King’s College Cambridge [Senior Fellow] (a)
  • One Fellow to be elected by the Hebdomadal Council of Oxford University (b)
  • One Fellow to be elected by the Council of the Senate of Cambridge University (c)
  • One Fellow to be elected by the Council of the Royal Society (d)
  • One Fellow to be nominated by the Lord Chief Justice of England for the time being (e)
  • One Fellow to be elected by the Head Master, Lower Master, and Assistant Masters (f)
  • Four members to be elected by the Provost and Fellows themselves (g)

The Present Governing Body

Provost: The Rt Hon Lord WALDEGRAVE of North Hill, PC, MA (2009)
Vice-Provost: Dr Andrew GAILEY, CVO, MA, PhD (2006)
Fellows: Professor Michael PROCTOR, PhD, SCD, FRS, FRAS, FIMA (2013) (a)
  Sir Michael BURTON, MA (2004) (e)
  The Duchess of WELLINGTON, BA (2008) (g)
  Mr David REID SCOTT, MA (2008) (g)
  Professor Kim NASMYTH, PhD, FRS (2009) (d)
  Dr Caroline MOORE, MA, PhD (2010) (c)
  Mr Hamish FORSYTH, MA (2011) (f)
  Mr John VARLEY, MA (2012) (g)
  Mr Mark ESIRI, LLB, MBA (2016) (g)

The Statutes provide that the Lord Bishop of Lincoln for the time being shall be the Visitor of Eton College. The Visitor is:

  The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Lincoln

Honorary Fellows may be elected. There are currently four:

  Mr John BUTTERWICK, TD (1996)
  Sir Simon ROBERTSON (2008)
  Sir Eric ANDERSON, KT, MA, MLitt, DLitt, FRSE (2009)
  Lady SMITH, OBE (2009)

The day-to-day management of the College is delegated by the Provost and Fellows to:

Head Master:  Mr Simon HENDERSON, MA (2015)
Lower Master: Dr Robert STEPHENSON, BSc, PhD (2003)
Bursar: Miss Janet Walker, MA, FCA (2011)

The Statutes of the College can be downloaded here.
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