Swimming Facilities

Eton has a six-lane 25m indoor swimming pool, which is used for the teaching of swimming and associated pool activities and for recreational purposes.

All boys receive swimming instruction in their first two years in the school and undergo a formal swimming test before being allowed on the river. Boys can also engage in recreational swimming throughout the year.

The school’s three swimming teams (School, Under 16, Under 14) compete against other schools, mainly in the Summer Half, and we regularly enter teams in county and independent schools national competitions.

Our three water polo teams (School, Under 16 and Under 15) compete throughout the year against other schools.

Eton is a School Member of the British Sub-Aqua Club and trains about twelve divers a year to BSAC ‘club diver’ standard. The divers have mounted expeditions to Malta and have lately undertaken a number of tours of the Red Sea.

The kayaking club is a small but enthusiastic group who train to BCU standards in the indoor pool before venturing forth on rivers in Wales and Scotland.

Boys can also learn RLSS live-saving skills with a local life-saving club which uses our indoor pool for its training.

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