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King's Scholarships

There are normally 70 King’s Scholars (14 each year). Their boarding house is College and they are under the care of their house master (the Master-in-College) and her or his pastoral team. Every boy has his own study-bedroom, and apart from a few ceremonial differences, his life at Eton follows the same structure and style as the rest of the school.

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About fourteen scholarships are awarded annually. A scholarship is worth one tenth of the School Fee for oppidans; part or all of the remaining fee may be remitted according to need. The scholarships are normally tenable for five years.

The College examination is held at Eton in May. Candidates must be over 13 and under 14 on 1st September of the calendar year of the examination (but there is flexibility over the year of entry for boys with a September or October birthday). Entries should be returned to the College examination secretary by the date shown on the current Prospectus: there are no other preliminary registration formalities. 

During year 8 we offer several open afternoons to familiarise likely candidates and their parents with college and with the scholarship

In most papers of the examination there is a wide range of questions, so that any clever boy has ample opportunity to prove his worth; the examiners are keen to reward boys who show real ability, even if in only a limited field. Every candidate must take the four compulsory papers (English, mathematics A, science, and general paper I) and at least three of the optional papers (a tripartite paper with questions on history, geography and divinity; French; Latin; Greek; mathematics B, general paper II). The examiners assess a candidate on his performance in the four compulsory papers and his best three optional papers.

Boys who have done quite well in the King’s Scholarship examination and who already have a conditional place in the school may be exempted from the Common Entrance examination as a final qualification for entry, but this is not automatic. A boy’s present headmaster should be the key adviser on whether an attempt at the scholarship is appropriate as a means of entry in preference to Common Entrance on the basis of his abilities and all-round activities.

The scholarship prospectus can be downloaded by clicking here, and an application form here.  Alternatively, an email request can be made to the College examination secretary.

Copies of past King's Scholarship papers are available here.

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