Scholarships have been a central part of Eton ever since King Henry VI founded the College for the 70 King’s Scholars in 1440. Today, there are still 70 King’s Scholars in the school, but in recent years we have expanded our scholarship schemes considerably: Music Scholarships were first awarded in 1970; Sixth Form Scholarships in 1988; New Foundation Scholarships were awarded for the first time in 2009. Sixth Form Scholarships are usually awarded to boys at UK maintained schools, but occasionally, deserving applicants from fee-charging UK schools can also be considered. New Foundation Scholarships are awarded to boys at UK maintained schools, joining the School at age 13. In a typical year there are about 130 scholarship boys.

The Horizon Foundation Scholarship is designated to benefit a boy coming from the Middle East, entering the School as a Sixth Form Scholar. Tsukanov Scholarships are available for boys who are exceptionally talented both musically and academically and have Russian or former Soviet Union heritage. The Michael Meredith Drama Bursary is awarded at sixth form level to a boy joining the School who will make a significant contribution to Eton Drama, either on the stage, as a crew technician, or as a playwright and director.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Music Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding musician from a family who could not otherwise afford school fees and who is from a UK maintained school. This is one of only two musically related scholarships offered at sixth form level.

Eton's aim is that finances will not be an obstacle to any boy who is offered a scholarship. Means-tested bursaries can augment the scholars' automatic 10% fee reduction. There are a large number of boys who are charged a very small fee; about 40 boys are educated free of charge, and in several cases the School pays for extras, including school uniform and in some cases even pocket money.

Eton is looking for boys of high academic promise or high musical promise or high theatrical promise who will benefit from the opportunities that Eton provides and who will contribute strongly to the life of the school.

For further information, please contact the Access Adviser.

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Click here to listen to extracts taken from the BBC Radio 4 programme, Comprehensively Eton, broadcast in May 2010 where Jolyon Jenkins and Karen Gregor (Producer) interview boys who have joined the School through the New Foundation and Sixth Form Scholarship schemes.