Sixth Form Entrants

Almost all boys enter Eton at age 13 and stay for five years.  However, in some years a small number of students may be admitted at 16 or just 17, to study here for two years. It is a school rule that they must be under 19 at the start of their last summer term at Eton. 

Sixth Form students normally study four A level subjects in year 12 (C block), and continue with three or four subjects at A level or Pre-U level in year 13 (B block).  For details of the curriculum, please see the section headed “The Specialist Years” in the Further Information section of the Prospectus.

Any available places will be offered to boys of a high academic standard who are also likely to make a notable contribution to school life in sport or in the arts. The minimum qualifying standard is GCSE, or the overseas equivalent, in at least six academic subjects with A grades; in practical terms the level expected is likely to be higher than that, and competition for the limited number of places is intense.

There is an application form to complete and return by the candidate, available online or from the Admissions Office from the start of September 2015, to be sent in with the candidate’s personal statement by the deadline of 1 November 2015. If a candidate is to be considered, a full report must also be sent from his present school by the deadline of 1 December 2015. Applications will be considered only in this form, and not from parents or educational agents. 

Interviews and assessment at Eton will be required for short-listed candidates in February 2016. The parent/s or guardian/s will be asked to complete and return a confidential medical report for the use of the Eton school doctor and the House where he will stay during the interviews etc.  The parent/s or guardian/s must sign an agreement in the application form to pay all due fees and charges (the school fee is likely to be approximately £37,000.00 for the 2016 academic year). First results are usually known by mid-March. However, a candidate may be asked if he is willing to go on a waiting list in case more places can be allocated at a later date (as late as June).

An acceptance fee is only payable by those candidates who are offered a conditional place. A short statement about the candidate offered a place will be required from his parent or guardian, giving consent to a confidential medical report being submitted by the candidate’s usual doctor to the Eton school doctor. Financial support is not available for entry at age 16, other than through the Sixth Form Scholarship scheme for students in UK State Education.

There may be up to four fee-paying places in September 2016. The Sixth Form fee paying application form is available to download from early September until the deadline of 1 November 2015. Short-listed candidates will be notified in January and will be asked to come to Eton for interviews and assessment in the first week of February 2016. 

Apply to:

Mr P.J. McKee, Tutor for Admissions,
Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 6DB.
(Fax: 00 44 (0)1753 370668;
e-mail c/o: