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Universities Summer School

The Eton College Universities Summer School was founded in 1982 and continues in its original purpose: to bring highly-motivated and academically ambitious boys and girls from the maintained sector together to benefit from the academic tuition and facilities which characterize Eton.

The Universities Summer School is an intensive residential course which takes place after the end of the Eton summer term. It is open to boys and girls who attend maintained schools throughout the UK and who are at the end of their first year in the Sixth Form and about to begin their final year of schooling.

Most subjects are offered, and an attempt is made to complement rather than to interfere with the A-level course being studied by the candidate. A high academic level is maintained throughout, with the focus of the tuition being geared towards entrance to Oxford and Cambridge, though not exclusively so.

Students benefit not only from the academic tuition they receive, but from an integration into Eton’s structure and facilities. The academic course follows as much as possible the typical day at Eton, with emphasis on tutorial discussion groups, a general lecture course, advice on University entrance and interview practice. Discussions with visiting university dons and lecturers on a departmental level as well as a more general question-and-answer session on the “Dons’ panel” bring invaluable advice on career choices. Students have complete access to the leisure and sporting facilities available at Eton, and many make friends for life as the social events bring them into contact with like-minded people.

The Universities Summer School is non profit-making, the net cost being borne by Eton College. Students pay a minimal fee, and where appropriate even this may be waived.

Courses offered in the past have included double mathematics, mathematics with physics, mathematics with chemistry, physics with chemistry, biology, chemistry with biology, English, history, politics and economics, geography, French, classics (Latin only, Greek only, ancient history only, or combination). 

To find out more, why not visit the Universities Summer School website?

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