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Michael Meredith Drama Bursary

The Meredith Drama Bursary can be awarded to a boy also applying for the Orwell Award who will make an outstanding contribution to Eton Drama. It is worth one third of the School Fee as a basic entitlement, and may be supplemented by extra remission up to the full value of the School Fee according to need.

The bursary will be awarded to a boy who is an academic high-flyer, and with the personality to adapt successfully to the life of a boarding community. He will also have a track record of excellence as an actor, technician, playwright or director.

He will be willing to contribute to Eton Drama in several ways: auditioning for all School Plays, and for his House Play where appropriate; writing for the School Play Festival or directing and producing an Independent Play; joining the Double-Edge project in Edinburgh in the summer of B Block; as an active member of the Theatre Society; writing Chronicle reviews for the Drama archive in College Library. He will also take AS (and A2 Theatre Studies) but this is not a requirement.


All boys will have an interview with the Director of Drama/Head of Theatre Studies.

Actors will be asked to perform two pieces at interview. Each piece should last between 2-4 minutes. One will be from Elizabethan or Jacobean Drama. The other can be from any other period, but should form a contrast to the first piece.

Technicians should be willing to make a presentation of their skill, which might involve a lighting, sound or set design in a particular play, which they must specify before interview.

All candidates will be asked to select a play (to be specified before interview) and discuss their ideas for staging the piece. Some comment on period, design, costume, stage configuration and casting ideas will be expected along with their own interpretation.

A portfolio of their theatre involvement would be a useful aid at interview.

Those wishing to be considered for the award should apply through the normal Orwell Award application process, completing the Michael Meredith Drama Bursary section as part of their application.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office.