Games are central to the Eton curriculum not just because boys enjoy them, but because they embody many qualities in which the school believes. Learning to win and lose, to lead and be led, to push oneself to and perhaps beyond one's limits, to think as part of a team, to know when to strive for more and when to acknowledge defeat; these are all part of learning to be human. Consequently, Eton aims to give every boy the chance to benefit from learning through sport by playing and being taught the sport of his choice at the level appropriate to his abilities and interest.

There is a vast range of sports available, from the familiar like soccer, rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing, athletics, squash, to the less familiar like rackets and fives. There are some games which can only be played at Eton, namely the Wall and Field Games. In all there are nearly 30 different games on offer, all coached by Eton masters and professional coaches.

There is a school team for just about every boy who wants to play – this amounts to more than 40 teams on some match days – and each of the 25 houses fields a number of teams at senior and junior levels in the majority of sports.

At the highest level of expertise, Eton sportsmen consistently challenge against the strongest school opponents in this country and overseas.