Martial Arts

Our aim is to introduce boys to a range of martial arts, both their philosophy and practical techniques, partly as a form of physical training and discipline, partly as a sport and partly for self-defence. Our team of visiting professional instructors aim to promote not only sound techniques but also courage, respect, integrity, self-defence, honesty and humility.

In most arts participants train to a syllabus and can take grading exams. 

Capoeira is a Brazilian art which is performed to music and involves spins and cartwheels, with kicks.

Karate is a Japanese art involving blocking, punching and kicking techniques, set sequences of these techniques called ‘kata’ and competitive sparring, in which we compete against other schools.

Kung Fu involves a wide range of kickboxing techniques as well as the use of weapons such as swords and spears. We compete in the Junior National Championships every May.