Games Pitches

The following gives some general information on the location of school matches at Eton College. For more precise information about matches, please click on the relevant match in the Fixtures section of this site. Pitches are usually assigned 2 days in advance.


The 1st XI play their matches on Upper Club. All other matches are on either Agar’s Plough, Dutchman’s, or Mesopotamia.

Field Game

The 1st XI play on The Field. The second, third and fourth teams play on pitches on Agar’s Plough and Dutchman’s. House matches are spread across the pitches on Agar’s Plough, Dutchman’s and South Meadow.


Most home football matches are played on pitches on Agar’s Plough, with the exception of 1st and 3rd XI matches which are played on Mesopotamia and the 2nd XI which plays on College Field. There are no football matches in the Lent Half.


Almost all school and house hockey takes place on the two astroturf pitches on Masters’ Field. There are also five grass pitches – one on the Triangle, one on Agar’s Plough and three on Dutchman’s.


Most home rugby matches are played on pitches on Dutchman’s, with the exception of 1st XV matches which are played on The Field.

There are noticeboards at the entrances to Agar’s Plough and Dutchman’s which give details of which teams are playing on which pitches.