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The Religious Life of the School

Worship during a boy’s time in the school is designed to meet his spiritual needs at each stage in his development. As well as the regular chapel services, there are numerous optional opportunities for worship.

Boys in their first two years worship in Lower Chapel. Boys in their third year have their own assembly, but attend services in College Chapel on some weekdays. Boys in their fourth and fifth years usually have a choice on weekdays between a service in College Chapel and an assembly in School Hall, and on some Sundays, along with boys in their third year, are given a choice between Choral Communion in College Chapel and an address in the Farrer Theatre. Services in both chapels follow the practice of the Church of England.

Confirmation services are held twice a year, and boys wishing to be confirmed are prepared by the school Chaplains.

Roman Catholics have their own Chaplain who offers Mass on Sundays and every weekday evening. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is regularly available and Confirmation is administered once a year. Roman Catholics take part in all daily school services of a non-sacramental nature.

Boys of the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu faiths are excused Sunday Chapel if their parents wish, but are expected to take part in school services on weekdays. Instruction in the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu faiths is given during the time of Sunday Chapel by the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu Tutors.

Not every Etonian would call himself a committed religious believer; many have doubts which they can and do express freely. However, up to two thirds of the boys are confirmed during their time at Eton, and the climate in the school is sympathetic to Christian life and practice.