Scholarships are at the very heart of Eton; Henry Vl created the school for his 70 King’s Scholars in 1440 and they still exist nearly six hundred years later. Today there are around 140 scholarship boys here at any one time, more than 10% of the school’s population.
Scholarships usually (but not always) entitle the pupil to a reduction in fees of up to 10% and some are means-tested.

Scholarships are merit awards and usually (but not always) secure a fee reduction of 10%, irrespective of the boy's financial background. As merit awards the majority of scholarships aren't means-tested but there are one or two exceptions with particular schemes supporting talented boys who also need substantial financial support towards fees.  

Scholarships differ from bursaries, which are means-tested awards given to help support families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford some, or all of the school fees. 

When a boy is awarded a scholarship it is still possible to apply for a means-tested bursary for the remainder of the fees but the awarding of a scholarship does not guarantee that a bursary application will be successful. 

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we offer a broad range of scholarships:

Entry at 13:

King’s Scholarships based on academic ability for boys entering the school at age 13. Around 14 are awarded each year  
Music Awards - a wide range of scholarships and exhibition awards are designed to recognise and support talented musicians. These are usually for entry at 13 but a few, which are listed below, are for sixth form pupils.  

Entry in the sixth form:

Sixth Form Scholarships usually awarded to boys who have been attending a UK state schools for at least the last three years. Very occasionally applicants from fee-paying UK schools with no affiliated sixth form are considered. These applicants would already be in receipt of a significant bursary from their current school. These include:

Some of our Foundation and Sixth Form Scholars were interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 programme Comprehensively Eton, broadcast in May 2010.

Further support:

We try to ensure that any boy offered a scholarship can join us, irrespective of their family’s financial background. A pupil awarded a scholarship can also apply for a means-tested bursary for the remainder of the school fees (LINK); however we do not guarantee that such applicants will always receive a bursary. For further information, please contact the School Fees and Bursaries Accountant