Bursaries and scholarships: an overview 

Thanks to generations of benefactors and supporters we are fortunate to have a well-established endowment, which allowed us to budget £6.935 million for scholarships and bursaries in the 2018-2019 financial year. Bursaries are means-tested awards which are given to help support families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford some, or all of the school fees. Scholarships are merit awards and usually (but not always) secure a fee reduction of 10%, irrespective of the boy's financial backgrounds. As merit awards the majority of scholarships aren't means-tested but there are one or two exceptions with particular schemes supporting talented boys who also need substantial financial support towards fees. 


Means-tested bursaries are awarded to those pupils whose parents/guardians wouldn’t otherwise be able to pay the full fees. An independent company will assess the family finances during a home visit and make a recommendation to us. This isn’t a test but is designed to produce a fair assessment.

We support as many applications as possible. In 2018/19, 255 pupils were receiving a means-tested bursary (averaging a 67% reduction in fees), with 90 students paying no fees at all.

Unfortunately, we still cannot fund all of the applications and so our Development team is working hard with current supporters to try to grow our funds still further. 

For further information, please contact our Fees and Bursaries Accountant