Stage Crew

As well as acting, writing, and directing, students are encouraged to get involved with all the technical aspects of theatre production: the design and building of the sets, design, rigging and operation of both lighting and sound, as well as running the stage management of productions. There are also opportunities for students to be involved with front-of-house management and publicity for all productions at Eton. Most students will do some kind of practical theatre work during their time at the school. Students wishing to get more involved in the technical aspects of theatre production may join the Stage Crew.

The Stage Crew is an informal group of boys with an interest in stage management, design and technical work. The hands on approach operated in the theatres mean they quickly begin to learn and develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the technologies and creative practices of the theatre, media and entertainment worlds. Stage Crew work is creative, collaborative, and demanding. It takes place in an exciting and pressurized atmosphere and produces a highly public product. Stage Crew members have regular outings and social events.

The Stage Crew is led by six students designated as ‘Keepers’, with the same privileges and status as are accorded to other holders of that title in the School. They take responsibility respectively for all the stage management, lighting, sound and costume in the Farrer Theatre, Caccia Studio and Empty Space theatre. This means that they operate shows, design and plan House and Independent productions, help with the training of younger students and manage the provision of technical and backstage crews across the theatres. They are assisted by Senior Technicians who are students gaining wider technical theatre knowledge.

The Farrer Theatre complex offers a safe yet challenging environment in which students can learn, enjoy and put into practice their technical theatre craft.