Eton Universities Summer SchoolThe 'class' of 2014



Welcome to the Universities Summer School. Eton College has run a residential summer school for students with ambitions to apply to the best universities in this country and abroad since 1982. The summer school is not about improving A-Level grades but is designed to provide a lively and challenging ten days of study. You choose a subject you would like to engage further with; we provide dynamic teaching and, more importantly, the company of like-minded students from all over the country to work and socialise with.

This is a residential course with students living in Eton boarding houses and eating in the central dining room. Each day has a packed time table with lessons, study time and also sporting and cultural opportunities. Many subjects go on trips out and university lecturers visit both to teach and to talk about the details of entry procedure. Our aim is to give our students the enthusiasm and the know-how to make a really persuasive application to the universities of their choice. Each year the majority of our students go on to places at Oxford and Cambridge as well as other well-known Russell Group universities.

Numbers: 130 boys and girls

Accommodation: Individual rooms in boarding houses

Teaching: By Eton staff

Fee: The Universities Summer School is intended to be open to all students regardless of means. The College subsidises the cost of the course and where financial need is shown the cost can be reduced, or in some cases waived. Thanks to generous sponsorship, the inclusive fee for board, lodging and tuition is £625. The fee may be remitted partially or wholly, in a case of need. Application for remission of the fee should be made by letter at the time of application, explaining the circumstances to the Summer School Secretary.

                                                                                                                                   Manor House, one of the boarding houses

Attendance: As this course is short, intensive and financially sponsored, it is essential that attendees stay for the whole course.                                          

Subjects: Each student follows a Specialist Course; a list of the courses offered appears below. In addition, all students will attend a General Studies Course of lectures and informal tutorial sessions.


The Timetable

  • ‚ÄčA typical day on the Summer School starts with breakfast at 8:30am
  • Lessons begin at 9.30 am with two one and a half hour sessions running until lunch at 1pm. 
  • In the afternoon there is a further hour of teaching beginning at 2pm, followed by a programme of sports and activities ranging from swimming and dance to football and Eton Fives (our own game).  
  • Each student meets their tutor in the late afternoon before the summer school gathers in one of our lecture theatres for an evening talk.  
  • Supper is at 7pm and then students go back to their study bedrooms for personal study. The house staff and resident undergraduate helpers are on hand to support and advise at that time.
  • The undergraduate assistants are always available to address any queries the students may have on university life and form a panel one afternoon to answer questions from the students.










          The undergraduate panel in the newly built Jafar Hall                                  An Economics lesson with an Eton beak (teacher)

The Courses

Mathematics (Double)  History
Mathematics (Single) with Physics* Politics and Economics
Mathematics (Single) with Chemistry*     Geography
Physics with Chemistry* French
Biology with Chemistry* Classics (Latin only)
English Classics (Ancient History only)
Philosophy and Religion Classics (Combination from Latin, Greek and Ancient History)


Mathematicians. Mathematics (Double) is suitable and designed primarily for those intending to read Mathematics at university and taking Mathematics as a double subject at A-level, i.e. those doing 12 to 16 lessons per week of Mathematics. Mathematics (Single) with Chemistry or Physics are designed for candidates expecting to take a maths-related subject at university — they may be taking single maths or double maths at A-level. Able mathematicians who are unsuccessful when applying for Mathematics (Double) may, if they wish, opt for a second choice of either Mathematics (Single) with Chemistry or Physics. This alternative must be indicated on the Application Form,and separate Work Record Forms should be completed for each subject.

Scientists. Mathematics (Single) with Chemistry or Physics and Physics with Chemistry are suitable for those intending to read Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or similar subjects at university. Applicants for the starred courses are asked to complete separate Work Record Forms for each subject.


Please note that these courses are not designed for students wishing only to improve their A-Level grades; they aim to be an intellectual stimulus giving a taste of university work.

Elements of examination and interview technique will be included in all courses. Under-subscribed courses may be withdrawn.

So, if you are a bright and ambitious lower sixth student in a maintained school in the UK please download an application form  and send your application in to us by the 1st March of the year you would like to join the course.  We look forward to hearing from you!

For further details email the secretary.                                                                                    


                                                                                                              One of the Sunday options in the Drawing Schools


Please click here to view the application pack and here for an information brochure .