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Our aims
Eton is a full boarding school committed to:
  • promoting the best habits of independent thought and learning in the pursuit of excellence;
  • providing a broadly-based education designed to enable all boys to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within Eton and beyond;
  • engendering respect for individuality, difference, the importance of teamwork and the contribution that each boy makes to the life of the school and the community;
  • supporting pastoral care that nurtures physical and mental health, emotional maturity and spiritual richness;
  • fostering self-confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, tolerance and integrity.
Our ethos

Eton has been educating for the future for nearly 600 years.

Our academic success derives from a longstanding commitment to learning and independent thought and pupils benefit from the intellectual quality and inspiring teaching of Masters who are passionate about their jobs. House Masters and Dames lead small boarding Houses which offer communal identities and this, alongside our broad co-curriculum, supports the positive development of character and attitude. We firmly believe that boys learn as much beyond the classroom as within it, and as much from each other as from their teachers.

Our job is to create the positive climate in which good things happen – but above all to send Etonians into the world positive about engaging with others, believing that they have as much to learn as they have to give.

By the time they leave we want our boys to have that true sense of self-worth which will enable them to stand up for themselves and to stand for a purpose greater than themselves and, in doing so, to make a real contribution to society.

One of the most striking features of Eton is the diversity of pupils, staff too, of very different backgrounds, temperaments, opinions and interests, each of which has their place here.

We expect boys to celebrate their own individuality and to respect the differentness of others. The best Etonians do not sit on the sidelines sniping at other people’s efforts; they put themselves forward to accept an active role in seeking to make things better. In doing so, we expect boys to show kindness and courage – helping to create an environment in which their own talents, and the talents of others, can flourish.

As an outward-looking institution, with considerable resources and an absolute commitment to education, Eton believes passionately in the power of partnership.

Organisations which share improve more rapidly themselves, as they have an open-minded mindset of self-reflection and self-improvement. We aim to offer the best educational experience we possibly can to current and future generations of Etonians – and then we aim to share that as widely as we possibly can.

Eton has a proud history and rich heritage and tradition is still important here, up to a point, and continues to shape some of our guiding principles.

However, while this provides a context it does not define us. If Eton chooses only to do what has worked well in the past then this provides no guarantee of sustained success in the future. We are determined that Eton remains a forward-thinking school that enthusiastically embraces innovation and new opportunity when we feel that it will enhance the educational experience of our boys.

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