“Eton has flourished for over 600 years by adapting to changes in society. We must continue to do so through the third and fourth industrial revolutions, where the impact of science and technology on our lives is rapidly increasing”. This is part of Eton’s new STEM strategy, a vision for the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It aims to provide the facilities and expertise to enable the next generation of leaders, who are fundamental to the evolution of modern society.

Whilst lockdown has proven a challenge for the work of the STEM Committee, in partnership with the school and Dr Hallwood, students have been working hard to try and advance STEM at Eton.

This will be achieved by looking beyond exam results and supporting students with STEM career ambitions (around 20% of the current cohort) by offering opportunities to pursue projects and experiments outside of the classroom. Students will gain insight into future careers, develop key skills and present their findings at STEM symposia throughout the year.

Eton recently hosted its first ever STEM Symposium, the culmination of an entire year’s work. Students in Year 12, who selected an academic or technological project in 2019, presented their calculations and ideas to a virtual audience as the first cohort to benefit from protected STEM time and support.  

The renovation of Queen’s Schools (the Science Department), completed in collaboration with the Said Foundation, has enabled the school to embark on a journey to enhance STEM education. By instigating a number of projects and schemes to enrich learning, the STEM Committee, composed of senior boys, is looking to widen access and interest in the subject amongst younger students and partner schools.

A mentorship programme has been established, looking to mirror the Year 12 STEM projects where younger boys replace senior boys and where senior boys replace teachers. Additionally, STEM electives are currently being developed, alongside exciting co-curricular courses, and the EtonSTEM Website is also undergoing development, serving as a hub to showcase STEM at Eton.