Last week, Farrer Theatre audiences were treated to a performance of The 39 Steps by the boys in AMM, directed by Grace Vaughan and Moussa Samb.

Written in 2005 as a parody to the Hitchcock film and novel of the same name, it follows Richard Hannay, a Canadian who is embroiled in a spy plot taking him to the far reaches of Scotland. Comic allusions to other Hitchcock films were a delight for the audience, including Hannay’s habit of looking out of windows, mirroring Rear Window.

It was directed imaginatively, with a personal highlight of Hannay being chased by planes created by shadow puppetry. Each location was firmly established on Hannay’s tour up North, where a Scottish hostel was brought to life by the performances of James Newbery and Jamie Etheridge as Mr and Mrs McGargle.

The cast included the majority of the house which is an impressive feat, including 30 boys in total both on and off stage. Harry Lloyd Yorke as Hannay portrayed his character with eyebrow-raising cynicism and an elusive air. AMM’s sheep noises were thoroughly, almost worryingly, convincing as well!

Thank you to all the boys in AMM, Grace Vaughan and the Farrer crew for an entertaining production.