This Thursday, renowned underwater photographer Alex Kirkbride came to talk to the Photographic Society about his methods of taking photographs. He talked about his trips to the White Sea, Antarctica and the Canadian Arctic, all of which provided him with different opportunities. Mr Kirkbride then spoke of how digital cameras allow for a reassurance that you have met a publisher’s brief as well as how higher ISOs can be used nowadays.

Currently he is undertaking many projects that include ice and coral reefs as well as smaller more personal ones that include animals. At the end of the talk, those who attended were lucky enough to see the housing, dome and thick gloves that are used to operate such a set up. Many were surprised by just how heavy the set up was especially considering that, during an actual shot, he could be expected to do a 100-minute dive. An insightful Q&A then rounded off the evening.

Jasper Sodha