On Wednesday 7th November, the Geopolitical Society welcomed Lt. Christopher Fenn. In front of an engaged audience in 6 Cannon Yard, Lt. Fenn spoke on the global political climate, The Royal Navy and everything in between.

His talk started with a detailed analysis of President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin. He used the audience’s prior knowledge of the meeting to illustrate how our information is often distorted by the media: all of our knowledge on current affairs goes through the filters of the media and the subsequent opinions of those who write it. He then described how the global political climate has radically shifted due to this media scrutiny. Using examples of assassinated spies and other acts of aggression. Lt. Fenn claimed that, in the past, such occurrences would have led to war. But for now, in a world that prioritises negotiation over aggression, they no longer cause international conflict.

A thought-provoking Q&A then followed. A range of questions including the role of the navy in a modern-day context, the extent of Putin’s power and how to stop the rising phenomenon of populism across the world greatly impressed Lt. Fenn, and he answered them brilliantly.

Ali Soufraki