This week AstroSoc opened the doors of the Eton Observatory to pupils and teachers. It was a night just before a full moon, and the cloudless sky ensured that the scene was basked in a warm glow. The only planet visible in the sky that night, Uranus, was behind the bright moon, and therefore challenging to spot. However, we were able to see the moon clearly and in incredible detail, through one of the telescopes. The flagship telescope, still fitted with its original lens from over 120 years ago, allowed us to catch a glimpse of many different star constellations in the night sky and also some binary star systems, whereby two stars orbit each other.

The Eton observatory was re-opened to much fanfare several years ago and now opens its doors several times throughout the school year, for keen astronomers to see some of the wonders up above us. We look forward to later in the year, when more planets should be visible and more incredible sights can be seen.