As the days grow shorter and the dark nights of winter approach, tapeball cricket offers an idea escape. After spending the Summer Half online, this mini cricket game has succeeded in reuniting boarding houses and getting everyone onto the cricket squares after months of solo practice at home. Tapeball* cricket is played with a soft ball, and consequently no pads or helmets, meaning it is ideal for social distancing. 

Though novel to many Etonians, this game proved an instant hit. Matches were filled with fun, team spirit and light-hearted competitiveness. Boys looked forward to playing each week and speaking to friends whom they had not seen in person in many months. House teams also got to grip with the rules quickly, determined to demonstrate their camaraderie and skill.

Each team was allowed to bowl 100 balls and bat 100 balls. However, each bowler was only allowed to bowl 20 balls, and each batsman was only allowed to score 20 runs (this later went up to 30). This created a fast game, with more boundaries than quick singles, and opened up cricket to many who hadn’t played it in a long time.

Tapeball has helped to reunite us now we’re back at school, and we know it is likely a game many will want to play again!

  • so called because it is often a tennis ball wrapped in tape