The Banks Natural History Society was lucky to have Mr Charles Perry judging their environmental prize entitled “Energy and the Environment”. Mr Perry has a wealth of experience behind him having worked previously with Al Gore and is now qualified to deliver the world famous “An Inconvenient Truth” lecture. He has also worked as Managing Director of Good Energy, Special Advisor to Green Order, Director of BP green energy and has acted as advisor to David Cameron’s "Quality of Life" Policy Review on Climate Change.

The evening featured talks by
Campbell Donnelly (JRBS) on “The potential of Renewables”
Charlie Braham (NCWS) on “Fracking Shale Gas”
Percy Metcalfe (RPDF) on “Nuclear Energy”
Sacha Tchen (RPDF) on “The Severn Barrage”.

Donnelly was crowned the winner of the prize with a thoughtful and engaging talk, centred on how renewable energy sources could responsibly and realistically be applied to address our energy needs.