BBC World Challenge Please vote for Tom Chance OE in the BBC World Challenge

BBC World Challenge is the ‘Strictly’ or ‘X Factor’of the Social Enterprise world which I am afraid means we need votes! Tom’s company ‘Giveacar’ is the ONLY UK finalist. There are eleven others from around the world. In March the BBC followed Tom on a typical day and the very short film here explains how the Company works:

To put it in a nutshell, scrap or unwanted cars are donated via Giveacar and crushed or auctioned and the proceeds donated to the charity of the donor’s choice. In eighteen months, £500,000 has been donated to hundreds of charities. Any publicity means more cars donated which means of course more money going to good causes.

The prize, were he to be lucky enough to win, is £20,000 of advertising, which would make a massive difference to Giveacar which has not received any finance or outside sponsorship.