Press Officer Louis K takes us on a journey behind the creation and production of this year’s Summer School Play, Vernon God Little.

DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little, performed by Eton actors and musicians from 6-8 May 2022, was the perfect choice of play for the spectacular Director of Drama Rebecca Farley to set her sights on. The drama follows the story of a 15-year-old Texan teen twerp, Vernon Gregory Little, in the aftermath of a mass school shooting committed by his best friend, and of which he now stands accused.

I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the cast, and by the end of the first rehearsal all the way back in October 2021 we learned that we were embarking on one of the most ambitious productions the school has ever put on.

After Saturday readthroughs and necessary dance and singing practices throughout the Michaelmas and Lent Halves, we returned in the Summer Half bright, bushy-tailed and raring to go with only two weeks leading up to opening night.

Over those weeks the production really started to take shape as we increased our company with the wonderful addition of music teacher Ed Yeo’s incredible band of pupil musicians and a full team of technicians. By the time we finished our last tech rehearsal, the anticipation for opening night was nothing short of electric. 

Every night held its own challenges, unbeknownst to the dazzled audience, such as vanishing wardrobe and close makeup calls! Due to the infallible crew and incredibly composed Mrs Farley, however, each show went off without a hitch, displaying an outstanding spectacle for over 400 audience members every night.

Being a part of this production has encouraged me to convince all pupils to try their hand at getting involved in school theatre. It has been one of the most joyous experiences of my school life.

I would also like to thank Neil Fisher, Hailz Osborne and the wonderful Farrer Theatre Staff who made this whole production possible. On to the next one!