Felix Paine JD/HEO was awarded Best Actor in this year’s VI Hispanic Theatre Competition at North London Collegiate School on Tuesday 9th October.

Felix very successfully played the major part in Reclamaciones@cielo.Dios where he acted in Spanish the part of Archangel Rafael in this heavenly farce. His prize consisted of a free flight and a week’s attendance at a language course in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

We would like to congratulate him for his continued efforts in the rehearsals and for his self-confidence to do his best on the evening of the Competition but we would also like to thank Roly Peel JDN/NJM, Tom Hamp ABH/RAF, Max Shakespeare ASR/TGS, Nathan Swidler NCWS/JMR and Will Stonebridge JD/DJS for their support and encouragement during the rehearsals and on their final performance.

Mercedes Porcel Martín and Mar Ponce Galán