Boys and beaks alike survived the muddy pitches of Agars & Dutchman’s this week to complete in the time-honoured tradition of the Steeplechase.

James B., Theeo N. and Charles D. came first in the respective senior, intermediate and junior competitions.

Warre House’s (JMG) senior team and Durnford House’s (HJRM) intermediate and junior teams had the best overall scores.

Prior to the race, boys described themselves as “excited”, “hyped”, and simply “well-trained”.

The event was a good reminder of the camaraderie boys share within their houses: boys wearing the same colours were often grouped together during the race, and could be seen slumped over another’s shoulders as they made the walk back to College.

For those beaks who braved the course there was a similar level of enthusiasm—with some even seen bearing down on those ahead of them in the last stretch of the course!

The Steeplechase has a long history at Eton, the first race being run in 1846 according to College records.

Whilst we have moved on from the days where boys were forced to wade through rivers as part of the course, a deluge of rain shortly before the occasion suggests it would not seem so foreign to that time.

With a number of cancelled fixtures due to the exceptional weather over the last few months, this year’s Steeplechase was a relished opportunity for some good, spirited competition.