Remember to read Part One of our bumps series here, where we explain the history of the race –

After four thrilling nights, the bumps season ended last week with College retaining its position as Head of the River for the fifth consecutive year.

Despite the carnage which seemed to take place every day, the battle for Head of the River quickly turned into a two-horse race between College and JCAJ who, despite starting the year in third place, quickly bumped PKRB on the first night.

Indeed, for three days, JCAJ threatened to bump College and supplant them as Head of the River, even going so far as to draw alongside College on the final night, yet they were ultimately unsuccessful in their endeavours with College maintained the coveted position.

Below the top two teams, there was plenty of movement both within and between the two divisions. PKRB, who started the racing in second place, were overtaken by the entire first division on the second night after one of their blades came out of its gate, and dropped down to the second division, although they did manage to eventually climb back up!

A notable mention must also go to MAG who, despite deploying some unconventional tactics, were nonetheless able to move up one position across the four days, and can potentially challenge for Head of the River (from their third place position) next year. ABH and AMM too must be commended as joint winners of the bumping cup, awarded to the boarding houses who achieve the highest number of bumps, with an amazing six bumps each.

At the bottom of the second division, JD and HJRM battled each other to avoid placing last, switching positions on the first three nights. However, on the last night, with JD looking well placed to bump HJRM and consign them to last place, JMG suffered damages to their boat, leading to them plummeting to last place.

Thanks must be given to Dr Shorrock and all those involved in bumps for such a successful return to the river.