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Eton Futures ran a Business Insight Day for boys in C based at MCFT, a medium-sized engineering company in Maidenhead on 13th March.

Four Etonians from C Block worked together with four Year-12 students from Holyport and seized the opportunity to learn from business professionals in their work place and understand the factors affecting a medium-sized business. The day began with a tour of this medium-sized enterprise in order to understand the key components of the business and how they fit together. In the afternoon, two teams worked together on projects that looked in depth at how data is used to monitor and evaluate performance and how interactions with customers could be refined and extended. The afternoon finished with presentations from the two teams to a senior panel including CEO Chris Craggs. He said that: “It was a pleasure to have a group of engaged and engaging, curious minds – our team learnt a great deal from the experience – including ideas we will be applying in the business – and we look forward to developing this terrifically rewarding, annual event with the careers teams of both schools.” The students gained first-hand knowledge about how businesses measure their performance and use that information to survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace. They grasped what MCFT does both strategically and on a day-to-day basis to fit into its market (vis-a-vis customers and competition). The students were able to consider the pros and cons of graduate-entry jobs versus apprenticeships and were exposed to a range of careers and the satisfactions and rewards they offered. Above all, they understood the ethos of MCFT and the business model which enabled the company to grow by meeting the needs of its clients. It was a thoroughly worthwhile day and we are extremely grateful to MCFT for making the opportunity available to both schools.


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