Our sixth VocSoc career seminar of the year focused on careers in information and communications technology (ICT) from the perspective of Huawei. The company provides telecommunications networks and equipment to enterprises as well as manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market. Eric Yang, President of the Vodafone account, spoke about the rapid growth of Huawei from its inception in 1987 to the $100 billion company it is today. Eric joined Huawei from university and in his 17 years with the employee-owned organisation has held several senior positions within the company including Vice President of Huawei Vodafone Account, Director of Huawei Vodafone Italy OpCo and CEO of Huawei’s Uganda office. Eric explained to boys about the likely impact of 5G (due 2019) when more and more devices will be wifi enabled to meet needs that we have not yet envisaged. The boys attending were given a great insights to the communication technology space and even to the types of careers that might disappear with the onset of AI. The questions following the talk were probing and wide-ranging.

Cathy McKenna